Delightfully silky, the pure ingredients balance an exquisite sensual texture with excellent long-lasting lubrication. Naturally doesn't need to be washed off as it dries without stickiness or discomfort.

Specially formulated for very sensitive skin, Naturally uses ingredients which aim to avoid common sensitivities, and is free from glycerin, petrochemicals, citrates, parabens, fragrance and sweeteners.

Naturally is sustainably produced. 

 compatible with condoms


pH balanced

easily and quickly changes to the pH of the body fluid


low irritant formulation


For fabrics, soak in water only, then rinse well before a normal wash. Sponge out of carpet with plain water. Very slippery if spilled; clean up immediately.

Read the full label before use. Only use as directed. If irritation occurs, discontinue use; if it persists, consult a doctor.