Wet Stuff Gloss

Highlight on Wet Stuff Gloss

Wet Stuff Gloss is a brand new, unique, silicone-based lubricant that lets you feel the traction without the friction.

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What's the Gloss?

This lube features an immediate, light, moist feel.

The best part comes after about five minutes, when the non-drip gloss surface peaks for an incredibly long period of intense traction. The feeling of movement is heightened with this lube, all while giving improved wear protection during intercourse.

After a long period of use, Gloss will disappear into the skin. Prior to this, it will need to be washed off with soapy water.

Who is Gloss best for?

Wet Stuff Gloss is a great lubricant to use before or during sex.

Gloss may especially meet the needs of:

Couples: putting zesty oomph into couples' intimate play

Anal sex: great for people who enjoy anal sex as it will enhance the feeling of movement

Sex toys: can be used with latex, leather and plastic sex toys (not silicone)

Sex under water: slippery and long-lasting underwater; ideal for sex in the shower, pool or spa


Tested and compatible with latex condoms and dams.

Read the full label before use. Use only as directed. As with all products, if irritation occurs stop using the product. If irritation continues, see your doctor.

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