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Check out our new long-lasting, silicone anal lube!

The down low on Sublime

Sublime slowly and softly forms a glide surface that intensifies sensations of movement over time, increasing the traction without increasing the friction.

It is specially formulated for anal sex, increasing pleasure, and protection from wear, with great compatibility with condoms and rubber products.

Sublime is our silicone equivalent to our best-selling water-based lube, Gold. Long-lasting and luxurious, if you like to keep going, this is your product.


Who is Sublime best for?

Wet Stuff Sublime is a great lubricant to use before or during sex.

It may work especially well for:

Anal sex: those who love anal sex and want a long lasting product

Anal toys: excellent for use with stainless steel, metal, glass and other non-silicone anal toys



Tested and compatible with latex condoms and dams.

Read the full label before use. Use only as directed. As with all products, if irritation occurs stop using the product. If irritation continues, see your doctor.

Times may vary depending on how much lube you apply.

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