Wet Stuff Secrets

Highlight on Wet Stuff Secrets

Wet Stuff Secrets is a unique cream lubricant. Exquisitely smooth and long lasting, it slowly disappears like a moisturiser.

What's the Secret?

This lube is a hybrid; half water-based and half silicone-based. The texture of this lube is creamy, non-sticky and luscious.

Who is Secrets best for?

Wet Stuff Secrets is a great lubricant to supplement natural lubrication before or during sex, or for intimate massage.


Secrets may especially meet the needs of:

Menopausal woman: Women who are dry and need a lube that feels natural and creamy.

Post Op transgender: After a sex change operation (M→F), the vaginal cavity is dry as there is no natural lubrication; this lube is great for moisturising the new vagina.

Anal sex: This lube is great for anal sex as is gives a smooth texture feeling without stickiness and does not need to be washed off. The texture changes making the use of condoms more interesting.

Leather sex toys: Secrets can be used with leather sex toys and will leave a shine and moisturised feel on leather after use.

Divers & surfers (sex under water): Divers may use this lube with their neoprene diving skins or other materials that can be used with sex in the pool or water. Secrets is compatible with rubber. Apply it before you get in the water. Ensure that personal lubricants do not come into contact with high pressure hoses.

Read the full label before use. Use only as directed. As with all products, if irritation occurs stop using the product. If irritation continues, see your doctor.

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